GIDARA Energy is a Dutch technology-based energy company focused on converting non-recyclable waste into syngas, a clean and incredibly versatile source of energy by using patented technologies. GIDARA Energy is a joint venture between G. I. Dynamics (The Netherlands) and ARA Partners (USA). Their first plant in Amsterdam will produce an average of 87.5 KTA (kilotons per annum) of renewable methanol from 175 KTA local non-recyclable waste.

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G.I. Dynamics

G.I. Dynamics is an independent and international leading technology partner founded with focus on the development and implementation of projects worldwide. Operating together with a global network of unique industrial players, we provide the latest state-of-the-art proven technologies and processes. 

Thanks to a comprehensive suite of technical competencies, G.I. Dynamics adds value to every phase of a project – from conceptual up to execution and implementation –  through to technology development, project delivery and operational support.


Ara Partners

Ara Partners makes buyout and growth investments in companies targeting decarbonization of the chemical, materials, industrial and energy industries. Ara targets companies that provide the building blocks necessary to run the global economy. Ara focuses on high-growth businesses with minimal technology risk or commodity exposure.

The Ara Strategy targets investments driven by newly emergent demand for profitable companies with superior business models made possible by decarbonizing the fundamental products that underpin the global economy

Ara Focuses on high-growth businesses with minimal technology and commodity risk.

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Port of Amsterdam

Port of Amsterdam is Western Europe’s fourth largest port and plays a major role in the transhipment and processing of energy products. Port of Amsterdam is committed to being a smart port and to adding value for customers and the environment in a sustainable and innovative manner.

BioPark is a development location for producers of renewable fuels in the port of Amsterdam. BioPark, 20 hectares in size, has a good infrastructure, a deep sea quay and terminals within easy reach for the storage and transport of feedstock and products.

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Amsterdam based waste treatment company PARO will provide the non-recyclable waste feedstock that will be pelletized and used in the facility. The Pelletized Feed Material (PFM) is converted into advanced Syngas using GIDARA Energy’s patented HTW® technology, which is then converted into advanced methanol.


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AMA is exclusively working with bp for the offtake of advanced methanol from the project. Advanced methanol can help decarbonise the global transportation and petrochemical sectors. The feedstock can contribute towards the growing European waste-based (advanced) biofuels mandates as it is considered advanced under the Renewable Energy Directive (RED II).

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Linde OCAP

GIDARA Energy and AMA work closely with Linde to develop the capture and production of clean green CO2, which is aimed to be provided by Linde subsidiary OCAP to greenhouse horticulture. A CO2-enriched atmosphere in the greenhouses is important in the growth of plants, and the sector is facing shortage of availability of CO2 in the near future. Without availability of green CO2 as provided by OCAP, the greenhouses have no other alternative than to produce their own CO2 by burning natural gas. This puts their sustainability goals at risk. In addition, GIDARA Energy, AMA and Linde work together to make O2 available for the conversion process used by AMA.

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